Jealousy Incarnate – Korean Drama

She is the queen of romcom – not the sweet looking beauty you get in other Korean dramas but good looking in an ordinary sort of way that female audience can identify and yet not resent. Gong Hyo Jin is Pyo Na Ri, a news weather girl who has a crush on news reporter Lee Hwa Shin for three years. Her love is not only not reciprocated, but spurned publicly. This changes when the dashing Go Jung Won, heir to a clothing empire, takes a liking to her and she is hooked. After all, he is tall, rich and handsome and goes to great length to spoil her.This makes Hwa Shin jealous and he has a change of heart, especially after he is diagnosed with breast cancer and witnessed first hand the care from Na Ri..

Jealousy is also played out in full force between other couples. There is Hwa Shin two sister-in-laws cum colleagues, who fights over their only daughter/step-daughter Bbal Kang after the death of Hwa Shin‘s brother. They move in with the daughter and take a liking to the chef, and compete for his attention. Bbal Kang is courted by two guys who has not confessed, yet the audience is exposed to their jealousy.

Although fun to watch, the show is draggy and could have been edited to 16 episodes. There were many laugh out loud moments, the funnest is the episode which Hwa Sin has to take a mammogram. The poor man not only has to suffer the humiliation of being in a woman’s hospital, he has to go through the pain of having his chest pressed between two plate, wears a healing bra post surgery and then tries to keep all these a secret from the women in his life. His manhood takes a set back. Would he still be attractive to the opposite sex if they were to find out? Worse, having undergone radiation, his sperm count suffers and he is diagnosed as infertile. Through all this, Na Ri is by his side.

There was an online quiz for viewers on Facebook to check if they would choose Hwa Sin or Jung Won. Just for fun,I took the quiz and find myself rooting for Jung Won. All through the second last episode, when Hwa Sin decides to break up with Na Ri after discovering his infertility, he has been whinny and reckless, and I wonder what she sees in him- this childish spoilt brat who still asks mommy for money so that he can get married.

It’s no wonder my  cousin said she gave up halfway through the drama.




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