Doing Post Grad

Since announcing (more revealing than announcing!) that I shall be quitting my job to do Master of Arts at a local college,  I have been asked a few times by concerned friends on what job I intend to pursue after getting my Master.  Are you going to teach?  Do commercial writing? 

The questions stumped me.  I guess it’s a Singaporean mentality – higher education to further career or make more money.  While I understand their reservation – after all,  I am also concerned about my sons’ choice of study and career prospects – I am rather astonished that they would think I am furthering my education for job prospects at my age. 

When I was younger and working in an MNC,  I explored studying for an MBA,  like so many of my friends who had. The fact that my company sponsored 70% of the course fee was a motivational factor. But I soon dispelled with the idea as raising a young family and the frequent travel were already draining my energy.  The most I did was to get a Diploma in Regional Marketing with NUS while heavily pregnant with my youngest son and attended the graduation during my confinement. Even then,  it was more because I felt it helped in my regional sales job as I only had a chemistry degree, than to get a promotion. 

Along the way,  I have continued studying via MOOC, for the love of knowledge more than anything else.  Philosophy,  psychology,  literature, writing.  It is different studying for one’s  own interest than when studying for job prospects. It’s liberating but no less stressful. There is this pleasurable feeling of being in the flow when I am doing something I am passionate about. I am forever grateful for being born in the right era with MOOC being offered. 

So what do I do after spending a bomb and forgoing vacations to get my Master degree? I don’t know,  really.  Write another book and for sure to get it published, I guess.

It’s daunting yet exciting. I can’t wait to be a student again. Just don’t ask me what I will do a year and a half from now.  


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One Response to Doing Post Grad

  1. I like reading through a post that will make people think.

    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

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