On the Way to the Airport – Korean Drama

I so love this drama, because it stars two of my favorite actors, Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul, as a pair of lovers married to other people and who meet regularly at the airport. She, Sua,  is an Air Asia stewardess, and he, Dou, an architect, who first met as both their daughters are being educated in KL.

In the Facebook comments for this shows, many showed distaste for what is viewed as an immoral drama, as the couple start a relationship while still married to each other. When I asked one friend for her view, her answer is, Good riddance, such a horrible husband she has and he, a selfish wife.

Sua is married to Captain Park, an Air Asia pilot, who schedules his flight so that they don’t meet. He flirts with the stewardess, and still holds a torch for his ex-girlfriend, who is Sua’s best friend. He sends their daughter off to KL as there is no one to look after her.

Dou is married to Hye Won, and dotes on Hye Won’s daughter from a previous relationship. Hye Won wants to further her career by riding on Dou’s mother, a famous traditional artisan.She sends her daughter off to KL so as to concentrate on her career.

So with Sua and Dou married to such people, it’s no wonder the pair gravitate towards each other after Dou’s stepdaughter dies in an accident.

Sua brings her daughter home, resigns and move to Jeju, only to meet Dou there, who is getting a divorce. Captain Park finds out about the affair and brings their daughter back to Seoul, with the intention of migrating to New Zealand.

Sua is torn. Should she move to NZ with her family, or focus on herself for once and find happiness with Dou?

Although we see her struggling with this dilemma, the drama makes everything rather simple for the couple and all turns out well. It’s easy to sympathize with the adulterous couple because they are married to such selfish people and you can’t help rooting for them. Yet you can’t help wondering why they married them in the first place. It takes the two leads to pull the drama together, as you share their sorrows and agony every time they have to part.

And then, like so many of couples I know who are divorced, it’s always due to poor communication. Captain Park refuses to talk to Sua even as he knows that their marriage is in trouble, preferring to keep status quo.

I can’t help but compare this to my favorite movie, Bridges over Madison County, on the same theme, where Maryl Streep, trapped in a bored marriage, has an affair with Clint Eastwood but lets him go in the end, as really, she couldn’t hurt her family.

But then, I wouldn’t like such ending as well. Sigh….



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