Serendipity Spanish Bar and Restaurant – a review 

I walked past this restaurant,  situated in Vivocity countless times but never entered. On Friday while searching for a place to dine and celebrate our birthdays with two long time friends, the waitress at the door handed me a $20 voucher and invited me to view the menu. With such restaurants,  I have learned to asked if free water is served, and she replied regretfully. What was I thinking,  this was a restaurant with a bar. I walked off but my friend loves paella and so I headed back. I was nursing a bad throat and balked at paying an exobitant amount for the water I needed. 

Fortunately,  our affable waiter Lester was more than willing to serve warm water to these three women,  provided we order a glass of drink.  I chose a non alcoholic Apple Temple ($10), which was so refreshing I could have ordered another glass.  The green apple soda served with mint and lime was soothing. 

When I was done with the drink, I transferred the mint and lime to the cup of warm water,  which relieved my throat tremendously.  

The famous item here is the suckling roast pig and I would love to return to try. 

My friend ordered the seafood paella for two to share among the three of us. 

So for once,  I forgo my non carbo dinner to try.  other than the mussels and prawns, the dish had slices of squid and fish. 

With that as main,  we ordered appetizers to go with it, which reminded me of Chinese communal dinner.  I am sure that’s not how the angmohs eat it, as we had to tell Lester that we were sharing everything,  for he repeated the manu to my friend and then turned to me and said,  and your order is the Spanish salad. 😀

The Spanish salad had lettuce on a crispy tortilla at the bottom,  which turned soggy very fast. 

We loved the brussel sprouts, cooked with bits of bacon. 

The meatballs is my friend’s favourite. Cooked in tomato sauce,  it tasted similar to the Italian version. 

The squid was under done and was super chewy.  I usually love squids and I now know I prefer it grilled. 

By the end of meal,  we were so stuffed we decided to shelf our original plans to adjourn to another place for desserts. There was a live band playing our songs and I wanted to enjoy the English songs I grew up with. The band was just loud enough to enjoy but not that loud that we needed to shout. 

So,  instead,  we stayed and ordered tea and soaked in the atmosphere. This is a huge restaurant which has a waterfront alfresco seating.  My friend, a regular,  chose her favorite table,  just at the edge between the  indoor and outdoor,  awarding us a beautiful sea view while not sacrificing  the cool aircoditioning.

All in all,  with the voucher,  our bill came to $158. Service by Lester was excellent,  for he topped up our warm water countless times. 

I will be back. 


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