There is a saying at the place I work- change is the only constant here – and although stressful, we have adapted to the whirlwind changes that hit us at every moment. (I m not exaggerating!) After all, what can one do but to accept and move on.

In my personal life, which mundaneness used to be a constant before I started work, such that I had to actively look for engagements to excite myself- there were a few changes too, which might’ve been huge before but the degree has lessened somewhat as compared to what I experienced at work, 

Exactly on a Thursday two weeks ago, while keeping a collapsible table at work, it slipped and fell onto my big toe, fracturing the bone under the nail into three pieces. My heart fell when the doctor at A&E told me, for physical inactivity often affects the mental well being. The doctor couldn’t do much except to advise that complete healing takes three months, and I should refrain from jogging during this time.

So for the past two weeks, I have been walking with my right big toe elevated. Unbeknownst to me, my body tried to compensate for this, which resulted in I feeling body ache instead. Luckily, I have been faithfully attending yoga- unbelievable to many-  and the stretch realigns my body and relieves the discomfort for a few hours. My physiotherapist colleague warns me about developing sclerosis if I continue this way  and suggests I start putting a little pressure daily on my toe. 

Looking at the bright side, the injury has forced me to slow down. I practise mindful walking, aware of how each foot lands on the heel before finishing at the ball and toes. I now trail behind my colleagues during our walks, limping awkwardly behind while trying to catch up. 

While on a week’s medical leave at home, I turned 51. (I considered the toe injury a birthday present to myself.   ) The time at home allowed me to catch up on my online writing course. I had been seriously considering taking a master (MA)  in creative writing after learning that a writing mentor had gone to UK to pursue her PhD in creative writing. But this was quite improbable. Then a local art’s college will soon start a Master of Arts in Creative writing – the first in South East Asia. I just learned that I have been accepted. (This should be my birthday present!)  The online course made me realize that it is difficult to work and pursue an education at the same time. Lesson Five starts tonight and I am still on lesson three. For this reason, I shall have to resign in order to do this master program. I have been working there nine months but I have developed a close relationship with everyone there, which makes farewell hard. 

So in less than two months, I shall revert to being a student after three decades.  It is exciting yet daunting. The 1.5 years course seems demanding.  Still this has been my dream and I really shouldn’t complain. 

So a new birthday, a new beginning, and an exciting life ahead .  Arent I lucky? 


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4 Responses to Changes

  1. cypflorence says:

    It sure sounds exciting!
    Life begins after 50 – YAY!

  2. Recently, I learnt from a YouTube video that the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire started writing only in her late 60’s and has since published 12 books, so ‘late bloomer’ writers are always an inspiration to folks who are still struggling to find direction and purpose. Jia yu!

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