Trattoria Capri 

Given the choice of restaurants, I usually select Japanese followed by Korean,  or a good western steak. I used to love Italian but since going carbo free a decade ago,  have avoided it. 

Tonight,  my son Ivan treated me to a birthday dinner at this small cozy Italian restaurant in Binjai Park.  Parking would be a problem in this private estate but there are valet parking. Tonight the next door seafood restaurant is closed so we were lucky.  Except for another table,  we were the only one in the restaurant. 

Ivan had googled the menu and his first choice was the lobster pasta for two.  I decided we should have more appetizers and desserts. 

As we waited,  we were served a basket of bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. 

The Caesar salad (Insalata di Cesare $14) was small – baby romaine  with hard boiled eggs and croutons with spicy cheese. 

Next was Verdure alla griglia – grilled zucchini, pepper and eggplants drizzled with olive oil.  There was something lacking.  ($14) Perhaps a few cubes of mozzarella might improve it. Even the display was not impressive. 

Next was Zuppa Vongole al vino ($26) – clams in white wine sauce. The soup was tasty with rosemary sprigs and we slurped it all up. 

The main course Ling all’aragosta  ($75 for two) – Lobster pasta came with all the shells.  The flavour is full of lobster body,  and the spaghetti al dente. The lobster meat was shredded and overcooked though but we can overlook that. I always thought Italian had bigger serving than this,  and I am quite sure Ivan could finish up the whole plate by himself. 

We can’t go without desserts. My lava cake came flaming with lava and hardly any cake,  unless you meant the crust.  But the molten chocolate with orange liquor is literally to die for.  Rich,  bitter and tangy at the same time. ($10)

The tiramisu ($10) has nice coffee flavor but I guess I am too used to my family’s extra oomph of liquor to find this extraordinary. 

All in all,  without drinks and including GST and service,  we spent $175.37. 

Thanks for dinner,  Ivan. 💜


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