Bridget Jones’s Baby – movie review

It’s been 15 years since the first Bridget Jones movie and twelve years since the second. So it’s no wonder that my companion and me can’t recall why Bridget didn’t end up with Mr Darcy (Colin Firth), whom she met at the funeral of Daniel Cleaver (Huge Grant).

At her 43rd (we thought she looks really wrinkled at 43!) birthday, against her better judgement as always, she goes to a music carnival, gets drunk and sleeps with McDreamy (Patrick Demsey), here known as Jack, multimillionaire of online dating website. A week later, she meets Darcy again at a christening, discovers that he is soon going to be single and sleeps with him. (Reminds me of what our Minister Grace Fu says the difference between Singapore society and the Western one.)

Three months later, she is pregnant but who is dad? The funniest scene must be how her colleagues try to extract a sample of DNA and family history from this American stranger she slept with, questioning him why is he still single if he owns a dating website – perfectly valid to me.

I would have been swept off my feet by Jack, who comes to her apartment, bearing dinner, bouquet and a soft toy in what he describes as their perfect dates – dinner at a nice restaurant, bouquet for their first quarrel, and a soft toy he would win for her from the carnival they visit. As she describes, Darcy is stiff, unromantic, and always not available as he is a barrister, complete with a robe and a wig.

We agree that this is the more enjoyable movies of the three. We enjoyed the British humour – Jones and her verbal incontinence, how the gynae (Emma Thompson) describes as her a geriatric mother; and if she wants to be a whore, at least she can compensate by using environmentally green condoms.

So who does she ends up with? No surprises there even as the men competes for her affection even as they aren’t sure who exactly the father is. What I would have like to see is he marrying her despite he being not the father. Now that would really be true love.



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