I don’t know how other woman writers do it,  juggling a full time job with writing.  My mentor said she used to write into the early mornings,  after all her family members have retired to bed. Thus she has developed the night owl habit of night writing, as opposed to me writing in the day. 

Just a few days ago,  she sent me a text,  telling me about the blurp she wrote for another fellow mentee’s new book –  a short story collection,  and ended the text with the hope to write one for my future book,  and how I had a good story which needed more work. 

I felt touched, encouraged, depressed, envious and helpless upon receiving her text – that gentle nudge I needed  to not neglect my dream. Depressed because I am not pursuing my dream,  helpless because I can’t seemed to make myself sit in front of the PC at night after 9 hours of doing the same at work, what with the mountain of laundry competing for my time, not to mention much needed exercise and sleep. Also, I can’t do creative writing in demand when my mind is a whirl of activities. 

But I am fortunate,  for the encouraging nudge not only comes from my dear mentor,  but also from news that NLB will my publishing my short story in an anthology Feast!, launching this Saturday, and a random poetry will be published in a collection next January by Book Council. These were results of writing classes early this year. 

Today,  my online writing class starts. Just thinking of it makes my heart skip a beat, wondering when I am going to schedule it and how I will manage.  But it’s a push I need to rev my writing. 

I am also seriously considering doing a master in creative writing overseas, perhaps in Ireland.  Such plan gives me the lift I need to meet the demands in my current life. 

2016 is ending and I look forward to a more creative 2017. The future is not so daunting after all.


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2 Responses to Gripes 

  1. Kwok Ying says:

    YESSSSS!!! A degree in creative writing in Ireland – wow! That’s a dream that you must pursue, dear Vicky! I drove around the Ring of Kerry and I am sure it will feed your muse!

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