Bittersweet – Japanese movie review 

This movie was shown as part of the Japanese Film Festival at the Singapore National Museum. 

It was laugh out loud  throughout with witty dialogues and a pair of very good looking leads. 

Mika works in advertising. She just broke up with her boyfriend,  her lease is up and dejected,  she gets drunk and is sent home by a very attractive Nagisa. He cooks her a delicious breakfast and she tries to seduce him,  only to discover that he is a vegetarian gay who lives in a shack. She blackmails him into letting her move in by threatening to expose him to the prestigious boys’ high school he works in. 

He cooks for her,  packs her bento lunch but she fails in making him fall for her. She learns of his deceased brother and he discovers that her father owns an organic vegetables farm whom he is fan of, but she still harbours anger towards her father and has refused to eat vegetables until Nagisa. 

There are some iconic lines. She gets a major project advertising for bittergourd and he makes her bittergourd pudding to show how she should “cooked in her bitterness and get nourished from it“. (Hence the title Bittersweet.) 

He persuades her to visit her parents just so he gets  to visit the farm.  Before he leaves,  her father pleads with him to marry Maki,  to which he replies with a straight face with a statement like, “I am into men,  and more into you than your daughter! ”

Throughout,  there are hints that maybe,  just maybe he will change his sexuality,  especially since his foster elder brother who had introduced him to men has decided to get married to a woman. At times,  you think perhaps he is falling for her too.  

But not a chance. 

I left the cinema,  wondering if this is the ending I had wanted. 


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