EightThirtyThree – restaurant review

We probably passed this restaurant many times when we visited our favorite Korean restaurant a few doors away, and never ever thought of entering.

Yesterday Ivan wanted Spanish restaurant Mi Casa along Jalan Jurong Kerchil. He assured me it was reasonable priced. It was full and we decided to take a walk to the back along Lorong Kilat to check out the other restaurants. Woorinara had a queue,  and I don’t like Kim’s Restaurant. The boys didn’t want Tze Char and it was just too hot for mookata. We stopped outside this restaurant just to look at the menu on the wall.  Proprietor Lewis came out and urged us to go in,  even if only to check out the menu. His friendliness and the cool air from the opened door proved effective and I decided we should  just eat there. 

The thing about bringing my family to a western restaurant is the cost.  They are never satisfied with just one dish, often wanting the whole three course meal.  Yesterday one wanted potato salad($7. 80)  another wanted mushroom soup($6.80). While the mains are reasonably priced,  it’s the extras that add to the cost. 

The New York Strip ($15.80), served on a wooden platter was accompanied by mashed potatoes and broccoli.  The medium steak was done just right, and earned praise from the two diners. 

The Mentaiko Prawn Pasta ($15.80) came twirled attractively into three rungs and topped with large succulent prawns. 

Ivan explained to his suaku mother that Mentaiko means egg coated. I tried a bite.  The noodles was al dente. While it was delicious,  it was too jalat for me. 

I had a difficult time choosing a meal and decided to just order strawberry waffle with vanilla ice cream. ($7 80+$1.80). 

The restaurant was formally called Nook,  which explains the large drawing depicting Nook Street on one wall. 

Over at the other tables, young families were making their own pancakes on table top hot plates,  a great concept for bonding through cooking and eating together. 

Lewis told us he took over the shop recently,  and commutes daily from east to west as rentals here are cheaper than in the east.  He caters to small events to bring in the crowd.  Last night,  there was a match making group there. 

He offered me a free beverage out of the blues and I took the opportunity to ask why he doesn’t serve free water,  a turn off point for me.  While the loss of revenue from drink sale sounded reasonable,  it’s a minus point for me. 

Still,  my sons gushed over the food and I feel obliged to support a young (he is 32) entrepreneur in a business unfriendly city as Singapore. While under developed countries have road hawkers and developed countries have food vans,  local food start ups have to grapple with red tapes and high rents. 

Do visit the restaurant at 21, Lorong Kilat #01-03. The lamb and Thai broth are highly popular and were sold out at dinner. 

The restaurant only accepts cash or nets 


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