Dick Lee Singapop 60th Birthday Concert

It’s odd that I am only enjoying Dick Lee at this late stage of my life. This was the second time I have attended his concert and I must say I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I was surprised to see the many albums he had released, for I had never paid any attention to him while growing up, yet oddly I find his songs familiar, and I am not talking about his NDP songs.

His concert was supported by the SG50 funds and I am glad to see NAC supporting local singers. Dick himself proves to be a good mentor to local young artists as he brought them onstage to either perform together or had them sung solo.

His first guest was ex-wife Jacintha, as they performed Beautiful Sunday together. How nice to see their friendship surviving through their broken marriage.

Among the other guest artists that I identified with was Kit Chan. What a pleasant surprise to see them on stage together and that act alone made my cheapest ticket worthwhile, plus the fact that we were upgraded from Level 10 to Level 8.

Dick on stage was like an old familiar friend as he bantered in a very Singaporean way to the audience, lamenting how his songs were repeatedly banned because of the use of Singlish, which ironically is now often heard over the media to unite the nation.

In the crowd were his group of Japanese fans who had grew up with him as high school girls to now middle-aged women. Much like me, except that I never was his fan, until now. But then, never later than never.

One of the highlights was the wheeling out of the birthday cakes by his brothers and friend and that was the first time I ever sang Happy Birthday in the accompaniment of a live band. His three brothers also accompanied him on a few repertoires,  proving themselves to be a talented bunch too.

I thought Dick has mellowed. He was not as funny as before, although he still elicited a few laughs. I remember the last concert I attended, which I found to be more intimate and affectionate, for he had the stage all to himself. Now in the bright lights of the Star Performing Theatre, he had reverted back to the singing star, far and  distant.




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2 Responses to Dick Lee Singapop 60th Birthday Concert

  1. Fan of Dick Lee now? I personally prefer 费玉清but unfortunately, he crack a few dirty jokes here and there (like the one with 江惠 on the hokkien word 进步when sounded in Japanese) which I cannot attend now for fear of committing “绮语”.

    • vickychong says:

      Perhaps I m a fan now because I m feeling my roots as a Singaporean more and more and he personifies being a Singaporean . It just feels so intimate that only a Singaporean can identify with. And that makes me feel the warmth of home.

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