Matchstick Charity Concert @ Kallang Theatre 

This concert,  held on 20 August  2016, was organized by my son Aaron’s school,  HCI. He was part of the organizing committee and this being a charity for Bone Marrow Donation Programme,  of course mommy had to help sell the tickets. (I am a mild Tiger mom).

My friends were supportive and helped raised over $1500, without wanting the tickets.  They were not interested to watch.

Aaron lamented the poor  sale of tickets and this was aggravated by the withdrawal of popular singer Nathan Hartono. What was meant to be a leverage since he had been picked by Jay Chou in a China singing contest did not materialise and I felt made attendance at the concert worse. My friends who had wanted to watch him since I publicised his YouTube video were disappointed when they heard he withdrew.  Still they came, even only to stay for the first few acts to show their support for me.

The concerts were performed by youths for youths.  The singers were mainly indie singers who seemed wildly popular with the young crowd who were there. I only know Daphne Khoo, a Singapore Idol alumni and was touched when she shared how she overcame ovary cancer.

I was also impressed by the dancers from my alumni Nanyang. They reminded me of my own dance performances when I was in school, only we were never trained in dance like these group and traditional dances were favoured over modern dance.  How time have changed in thirty years.

I was happy to see a performance by rival school RI, this corrected my perception that rivals can be supportive to each other towards a worthy cause.

Aaron worked very hard behind the scene.  Throughout,  he exhibited equanimity when he learned of bad news,  remaining always calm, unlike his mother who was jumping around like a headless chicken. When he saw his father appeared as a volunteer official photographer at the concert,  he told him,  “your trousers are not black enough”.

Aaron,  the Matchstick concert was a great performance,  featuring rising talent,  youth’s spirit in generosity and volunteerism. Most of all,  it showcased friendship and camaraderie amongst those who performed on stage,  and those who came in support. That,  I hope,  made these months of effort worthwhile for you.

Thanks friends who supported me in worthy causes everytime I spammed you. I am forever grateful. 🙏


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