I Have a Lover – Korean Drama

Despite this drama being 50 episodes long, I decided to embarked on the journey because it had two of my favorite as leads – Kim Hyun-joo and Ji Jin Hee.

The maturity of the actors brings out the authenticity of the script and I was glued to the TV for two episodes each time.

When I was still reading Mills and Boons in my youth, I loved stories where the lovers reunite after breaking off. So I was thrilled by this synopsis, except that being Korean drama, there were other irrelevant additional side stories to it.

Do Hae Kang was a successful lawyer who was unscrupulous and had never lose a case. Her husband Choi Jin Uhn watched his wife turn from a sweet young woman into a vicious lawyer. So when their daughter was killed in a revenge act to Hae Kang, his feelings for her died as well. In the university lab where he works as a research professor, a graduate student Kang Sul Li confesses her love for him and they have an affair. He decides to leave Hae Kang. Hae Kang is forced to divorced him and is thought to be killed in a car accident, except that she is not killed. Instead, she loses her memory and is rescued by Baek Suk who mistakes her for his first love Yong Gi, who turns out to be Hae Kang’s twin sister.

When Choi Jin Uhn meets Yong Gi four years later, he immediate knows her as his wife Hae Kang. Hae Kang has returned to the same girl she had been but she doesn’t recognize him. He finds his love for her returning but she now has Baek Suk as her “light house” to guide and protect her.

Someone has tried to killed Yong Gi but ended up killing Hae Kang instead. Hae Kang is accused of causing the death of Yong Gi’s fiance in her defense of her father-in-law’s pharmaceutical company.  Yong Gi returns from China and Hae Kang’s memory returns and she feels ashamed at the woman she had been. She has to reconcile with her mother and her sister. She avoids Choi Jin Uhn and the passionate pursuit of his ex-wife is what kept me going.

Just watching the two leads is enough for me, the rest of the plot was unimportant.



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