Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 

Looking for subject to blog about for me is easy.  When there’s nothing happening,  blog about food,  after all,  one has to eat every day. 

Last Sunday was my mother in law’s birthday and a friend suggested we try this restaurant in the east as I am running out of ideas to bring the two old folks,  one who is reclusive and one who likes to go out. 

It’s not exactly a teochew restaurant but it serves cold crab.

Located at the foot of a HDB flat in Bedok,  I like the traditional signage – somehow the old school signage equates authentic food.

We ordered everything that was marked special on the menu.  Most were good. 

First dish was an appetizer platter that allows you to mix and match. 

I really like the duck pastry on the left.  The prawn cocktail had too much mayo and the hae chor was up to teochew standard.

The deep fried tilapia in Thai sauce is a must to try.  Having ate the more expensive deep fried soon hock at Si Chuan Dou Hua the night before,  we all agreed this was much better.  The spicy tangy sauce provided a kick to the fish, the bones crispy enough to eat like crackers. 

I love this vegetarian  dish too. The  dish comprising celery, fungus and fried lotus root is a nice mix of texture and taste. 

Another dish that won praise is the tofu with chye poh. Eaten with rice,  it immediately satisfies any hunger. 

This duck is a speciality that is available only during wedding dinner,  which I gathered they had that day during lunch. I thought the duck was tough and because it was the last dish,  we were to filled up and decided to pack home.  My sis in law loves it.  

All in all,  including the three cold crabs, we spent $430 for 12 of us. There is no service charge even though the service provided by the local aunties (waitress)  and two PRC young men was attentive and fast. 

The portion is generous and I would return again. 

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