A fellow writing pal  visited my office last Saturday and asked my colleague where I sat and if I blog at work.  Horrors!  I wouldn’t dare. So when do I find the time to blog nowadays when I am working full time?  In the MRT going to work! 

It’s been five months since I have been taking public transport daily to work. I used to read whenever I am traveling.  I tried reading in the train  but I am constantly being interrupted by the change of bus to train and then to a different line.  So, like the majority of the train commuters,  I whip out my phone instead.  

I play my scrabble games,  blog,  or facebook.  I take a peek  at my neighbors and their mobiles -many are reading e-books, others watch K-dramas or texting. The men are usually playing games. 

Those not on the phone appear meditative, looking blankly into space. Once,  I watched in fascination as a woman put on full makeup with a small mirror, drawing eye liners on her top and lower lids.  An incredible feat indeed when I can’t even do it in front of my toilet mirror and she could do it on a rocking train.  Next,  she applied her mascara, lipstick, before putting her hair up in a ponytail and drawing tendrils on both side ala Korean style.  She completed her grooming just in time for her stop at Botanic Gardens. 

The DTL is getting busier and once I went in with a crowd and came face to chest with a male stranger facing my entrance, with the crowd behind continuing to push me inwards. The close proximity was uncomfortable and awkward. It’s usually not a problem the other way around with my back pack acting as a buffer but that occasion was too close for comfort. I wonder how the Japanese do it in a video I once saw, as ushers pushed everyone into the cabin, layered like kueh lapis, in order for the door to close.

 Humans are highly adaptable and I have gotten used to the daily commute by MRT.  Having to sit for long hours in the office motivates me to keep moving – climbing up the numerous moving escalators as I transfer between stations. 

I chat with the station ushers, who are now friends I greet every morning – Fang at Beauty World and Halimah at Newton. 

So how long did I take to blog?  It took me three trips before I completed this post. 


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