My Lawyer, Mr Jo – Korean Drama

I read in the news today the case about the arrest of a corrupt high level prosecutor in Korea, and it reminded me of this drama and various dramas about similar themes. I had wondered how realistic the protroyal of the judiciary system in South Korea is as I sat through dramas upon dramas of corrupt prosecutors, and now i know it’s real!

Jo Deul Ho, acted by the charismatic Park Shin Yang whom I first saw in 2004 Lovers in Paris, was a prosecutor who had been stripped of his job for going against his a conglomerate protected by his boss, the chief prosecutor.

He lost his job, his wife and his daughter as he drifted on the street for a few years until a chance incident provoked him back to the legal profession to fight for the justice of poor people.

The story line while predictable, with romance kept strictly off limits, is captivating to watch. Park is a versatile actor, serious yet comical when required. He breathes life to the unpredictable nature of the character. Supporting his un-orthodox legal practice is his PA and the group of money lender, whose various disguises add on to the fun of exposing the crooks.

The drama highlights the moral dilemma of doing what’s right and protecting one’s job. Jo loses the support of his wife and father in-law, both lawyers of the rouge conglomerate boss and in turn loses the right to his daughter.

Shin Ji Wook, a fellow prosecutor, is aware of his father, the chief prosecutor’s corrupt ways but struggles to bring him to justice.

At least now I know why Korean dramas are often about of corrupt prosecutors. It’s true.



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