Mu Liang Zhai Liang Kee Restaurant 

This post about our favorite restaurant might be biased.  You see,  the boss is my husband’s classmate. But that really should be immaterial,  because the restaurant is often packed and reservation is highly recommended.

When we want Teochew food,  this restaurant is our first choice as its reasonable price and authentic Teochew food makes this our favourite weekend dinner choice.

I have been here many times and often brought out of town friends to give them a taste of Teochew food.

Teochew is a sub province if Guangdong and being near the sea,  seafood is prevalent. The food is also lightly seasoned to highlight the freshness. Another unusual trait is the dips that goes with each food.

For appetizers,  try their cold crabs,  steamed and chilled,  eaten with a plum dip. I find their crabs not sufficiently chilled the few times but the fresh sweetness was not compromised.

Another appetizer to the pig trotters jelly, served with cucumber slices and chili dip.

Great for hot weather.

Not to be missed is the braised duck and tofu.  The thin slices of tender duck, when dipped in chili garlic vinegar, is fragrant with tinge of blue ginger taste.

We love the fish maw and tendon soup. The thick soup is not starchy and the ingredients are generous. With a dash of black vinegar and pepper,  it’s a good substitute for sharks fin soup and much friendlier.

Another typical home dish is the flat fish with bitter gourd. Cooked in black bean sauce, the small fish is full of bones and requires nimble tongues to fish out the bones, something a Teochew is trained from young to do.

If you are familiar with Teochew food,  you might be wondering about steamed promfret.  The fish is expensive and an ubiquity in most restaurants so it’s nothing worthy of mention here.

We chose the fried young leek for vegetable. The young leek is shredded finely and fried either plain with garlic or with prawns.

For dessert,  don’t miss the yam paste, called Orh nee  in Teochew – mashed yam with lard with ginkgo nuts.

There you have it – my family  dinner last night with my in laws.  Yummy.

Address 719 Havelock Road.


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2 Responses to Mu Liang Zhai Liang Kee Restaurant 

  1. Is that the restaurant you brought me and Amanda to? Wah, Mike’s friend Tan Tio man!

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