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A fellow writing pal  visited my office last Saturday and asked my colleague where I sat and if I blog at work.  Horrors!  I wouldn’t dare. So when do I find the time to blog nowadays when I am working … Continue reading

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The joy of pleasant daily experiences 

I am currently reading the book Joy On Demand by Tan Chade Meng and he describes how joy can be cultivated into a habit if you take a moment to attend fully to the joy that everyday pleasantness invokes.  So … Continue reading

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Two Chefs Eating Place 

This Tze char restaurant at Tanglin Halt is famous and getting a seat is near impossible.  I came for lunch once,  when the crowd was less but the afternoon  heat had put me off.  Last Friday,  I was invited to … Continue reading

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My Lawyer, Mr Jo – Korean Drama

I read in the news today the case about the arrest of a corrupt high level prosecutor in Korea, and it reminded me of this drama and various dramas about similar themes. I had wondered how realistic the protroyal of … Continue reading

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HOTEL by Wildrice

This play was first performed at the Singapore Arts Festival and I missed it. It won the best play a the Life! award and I was thrilled that they gave an encore performance at the Wildrice Singapore Festival 2016. Held … Continue reading

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Mu Liang Zhai Liang Kee Restaurant 

This post about our favorite restaurant might be biased.  You see,  the boss is my husband’s classmate. But that really should be immaterial,  because the restaurant is often packed and reservation is highly recommended. When we want Teochew food,  this … Continue reading

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Not The Same Family – by Russ Soh

Being in the Mentorship programme last year brought me into contact with many in the local writing industry. I got to rub shoulders with editors, authors, publishers, and for a moment, I felt I was that close to achieving my dreams … Continue reading

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