The Painters:Hero – review


Hailed as the No 1 drawing performance from Korea,  this comedy act combines art,  mime and dance in an eighty minutes performance.  Like NANTA COOKING, which I caught at Meongdong in Seoul,  this theatrical performance is another entertaining export from Korea which should not be missed.
Four talented artists draw on a variety of canvas in various media, turning what was initially a mind boggling abstract into an instantly recognizable hero.
In one act,  the four drew an individual piece that when combined,  became Michael Jackson.
In another act, coloured oil emulsion was transformed into underwater sea creatures ala Disney’s Little Mermaid by using a stick to pull the oil goblets into shapes.
I was impressed with the use of Rubic cubes to create an image of Superman logo,  with the back bearing a picture of Christopher Reeves and not a random mess.
If you consider how one typically embarks on a drawing – starting with an outline before filling in the details,  these artists showed a different approach of drawing.  Starting at the top and growing the picture as you move down,  like how one reveals a picture by drawing the curtains down,  pardon the pun.
My colleague marvelled at the talents – one not only needs to draw,  but dance and synchronize with each other and the music to end the act together.
RWS Theatre is huge and lacks the intimacy I experienced at the small Meongdong theatre where the performers interacted with the audience.  Kudos to the performer who came all the way to the back to give out the goodie.
Do watch if you are in Seoul,  at Seoul Theatre 5F daily at 5pm and 8pm.
Thank you Jooyoung Byun, marketing manager from The Painters:HERO for inviting my family and me.


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2 Responses to The Painters:Hero – review

  1. cypflorence says:

    Hi Vicky, I am so envious of your numerous invitations to nice shows/musicals/concerts! Can reveal your ‘lobang’?

    • vickychong says:

      I have no lobang. I am also surprised by the invitations. I guess you need to watch and review many theatre shows to gain credibility.
      I spent too much on theatre and food but so far no food invitation yet! šŸ™‚

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