Dean’s Cafe

Located below a multi-storey car park in sleepy Toh Guan estate,  this seafood tze char restaurant boasts of live seafood swimming in tanks.

I have been here once before and wasn’t as impressed as tonight. Hunger could be  good explanation.

The kopitiam is noisy and definitely not a place for business conversation during meal. The central kitchen in the middle of the shop hums with powerful exhaust, such that we had to shout across the table to be heard.

We ordered the chef’s specialties – chye poh horfan omelette,  fragrant duck,  crab beehoon, omitting the expensive geoduck clams, and some other common dishes.

The first dish to arrive was the spinach with salted egg and century egg.  ($18)


The soupy dish was delicious and spinach tender.  I could just eat this alone with rice.

Along with salted egg coated dishes, the other popular coat is pumpkin coat. I had pumpkin coated prawns at a wedding yesterday which I thought was a better combination than the pumpkin coated pork ribs we had tonight.  The pork ribs,  served without bones, was tender and was more fillet, but the pumpkin didn’t contribute to the overall taste, unlike coffee. ($15)


The chye poh horfan omelette ($12) is over rated.  It was more omelette with horfan filling. This is no substitute for the Teochew horfan with chye poh we loved.


The fragrant duck ($18 for half)  was deep-fried until crispy where the bones could be gnawed.  A nice change from the usual braised or roasted duck.


What I really loved was the crab bee hoon. ($67)


The bee hoon had the sweetness of these crab yet the crab retained its flavour.  The meat was solid and firm. (They could have cut the pieces smaller though.)

The other common dishes were well cooked.  The golden tofu,  usually served in a clay pot at other stalls as seafood tofu,  was served in a dish.  ($15)


The kids loved it.

The lemon chicken ($12) was ordered more for my nephew and niece as they are picky eaters.


Overall,  the reasonable price for this place and the good food make it worth the while for a revisit.


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