What Would I give – A CTSS musical


I was invited to this musical by a friend and for some unknown reason, was treated as a VIP at the event, with Mrs Vicky Toh printed in font 72 on an A4 paper tagged on my seat, much to my surprise. I was happy to be invited – anything to support the school which did a good job grooming my eldest son to where he is today.
The musical, held at the grand dame Victoria Theatre, was an ambitious performance. The  large cast, which the school would understandingly want to involve as many as possible, resulted in some speaking roles without a microphones.
Written by teacher Valene, the story tells of two schoolgirls who traveled back in time to 1950s Singapore to find out why Ambon’s grandmother became mute.
The two leads were adorable and showed potential in theatre. Some of the other casts were stiff and speech muffled. The VP and teachers made cameo appearances as the emcee and contestants of a beauty contest at City World, earning loud cheers and wolf whistles from their students in the audience. Their sporting participation is indeed commendable and they easily took the spotlight by their comic acts.
I was impressed with the stage, a street scene of Pagoda Street, with shop fronts and hawker carts. Some of the stage changes took too long though as the theatre is cast in darkness for longer than usual. I had to keep reminding myself that this is a school production.
The costumes of the 50s are authentic – mata in shorts and girls in samfoos.
While the script could be tightened further, the musical is indeed as good as many professional standards. Kudos to everyone involved. This just goes to show the high standard from a neighborhood school, which I am very proud to be a part of.


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