The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer


I reviewed another of his book titled The Untethered Soul in 2014 ( and read it again prior to reading this book which I found helpful in stress release since I started full time job after a hiatus of ten years.

This new book was recommended by my mother, who had also recommended his earlier book to me which I had forgotten I read it.

This book reads more like a memoir, beginning from the time he was pursuing his PhD in economics, and newly introduced to meditation through reading Three Pillars of Zen by Philip Kapleau. He realises that meditation could quieten the conversation in his mind and starts seeking the solace from it. From there, he starts ignoring the voice in his head, whether it is a warning, the fear or just skepticism. Instead, he allows himself to surrender to whatever life has in store, where he finds that the voice is often wrong. Through surrendering and ignoring, he finds that life has bigger plans and that there is no need or him to plan his life. Everything seems to fall into his life, not all good, although most are, like how he started his temple, acquired his wealth. Yet, even if he is sued by the government, not once does he resist or succumb to his fear. Instead he experiences it all.

Okay, I admit I read this book with a hint of skepticism. After all, here is an economics PhD student, which means he is highly intelligent and must have made some wise choices. After all, life presents us choices all the time, not exactly like how he describes it in his book. When do you say yes and when do you say no? Also, as a young twenty something male who can sit lotus on his first meditation is something astonishing. To be able to quiet his  mind so quickly indicates he is a inherently spiritual person, which many of us aren’t.

This aside, I did try to practise what he preaches. Whenever I hear the voice in my head ruminating negative thoughts, I let it pass and just experience the feeling and decide to let whatever which is meant to happen happens. Many times, like what he has described, things are usually not that bad and could even be good.

This book is also easy to read. The chapters are short and and the narratives simple.Perhaps you have a better insight than me after reading it.





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