Olivia Newton John in Singapore

While preparing to leave for home yesterday evening after work, I received a text: I last minute have extra tickets to watch Olivia Newton John tonite at MBS 8pm, interested?  Let me know now.
Of course I wanted, even if I was dead tired, and I had a whole basket of ironing waiting at home.
Getting the tickets was an adventure though. My phone’s battery chose the moment to die, and I had to meet a stranger and my hubby at MBS box office without any means of contact. How did we function before the mobile phones?
So it was a surreal feeling when ONJ voice resonated through the hall before we see her.
She had a small band and two backup singers. Dressed in black throughout, her initial change of clothing consisted only of changing her outer jackets. It was only towards the end of the two hour concert that she appeared in a clingy black gown that showed off her superb figure.
You would think she hasn’t aged as she skipped and danced like  she had done as Sandy in Grease, a movie I watched when I was 13.
Her voice sounded hoarse at times but her vocal range is undeniable. Singing even before she could speak, she won a singing contest at 15 and the prize to London started her singing career.
Last night’s repertoire if songs were familiar, although when she chose Somewhere Over The Rainbow an encore rather than her own song was difficult to fathom.
I was disappointed she left out Let Me Be There. I like that she included duets like Suddenly and Summer Loving which she sang with her backup. Also nice was Hopelessly devoted to you.
A great evening indeed.

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