The Jungle Book – Movie Review

A movie in a weekday afternoon is not something I had expected to do since starting full time work. In fact, it’s not something I would want to do in the weekend as well as I need to catch up on the tons of housework, if I don’t have to work that weekend.

But Bee, my movie date for many years before she left to work in Bangkok, was back and so I took an afternoon off to catch up with her.

After some deliberation and googling, we decided to catch Disney’s The Jungle Book, as the high rating overshadowed the fact that this is a kid’s movie with animals as main characters, something out of our usual menu.

The Jungle Book, a classic by Rudyard Kipling (one of my favourite poets), had been a Disney cartoon before. This movie, though, has talking animals which are so real, you can’t imagine there are animations as well, the modern kind done on computer.

Mowgli is a boy who is saved by Bagheera, a black panther, and entrusted to the wolves pack to rear. All is well until the drought came and all the animals have a jungle rule that when the pond dries enough to reveal the peace rock, it’s water before food, and that all shall share the water in peace.

Shere Khan, a tiger who had been burnt by a human, appears and smells the man-cub. He demands the man-cub to be handed over, for the man-cub would eventually become a man and cause the destruction of the jungle with the fire they invented.

Bagheera refuses and persuades Mowgli to return to the man’s village. However, Shere Khan caught up with them and Mowgli is forced to flee alone. There, he meets Kaa, a giant python and learns his life story. He is about to be swallowed by Kaa when he is rescued by Baloo, a bear.

Mowgli’s learns he is different as he has the skill to make tools where the animals can’t. He saves a baby elephant and manages to kill Shere Khan.

The movie has all the ingredients of a five-star movie – heart thumping chase, scream-out loud moments, witty dialogues, lovable characters and tender heartfelt scene when the adoptive wolf mother assures Mowgli that although he is adopted, he will always be her son.

I am glad I caught it. Don’t miss it.



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