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Ge Tai The Musical – A Review

I went to the 32nd and final performance of this musical held on 29 May 2016, Sunday, at the Genting Resort Theatre. Ge Tai, literally translated to “Song Stage”, is an annual event held on the seven month, or ghost month … Continue reading

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My Failure CV

A professor from the University of Princeton recently published his failure CV which have been widely circulated. ( He is a academic and his failure CV has sparked a debate on what constitutes success as well as begs the question- what … Continue reading

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Emily The Musical – a review

(Photo above : Producer Desmond Moey, author Stella Kon and actor Ivan Heng, who starred in one of the monologues). I have never watched the monologue play by Stella Kon despite it being played many times to acclaimed reviews. I … Continue reading

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The Face – Strangers on a Pier by Tash Aw

I missed his last public appearance due to work and was delighted to learn of this event at a popular indie bookshop. While the evening at the small book shop, where he spoke so softly I couldn’t hear, standing in … Continue reading

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The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

I reviewed another of his book titled The Untethered Soul in 2014 ( and read it again prior to reading this book which I found helpful in stress release since I started full time job after a hiatus of ten … Continue reading

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Olivia Newton John in Singapore

While preparing to leave for home yesterday evening after work, I received a text: I last minute have extra tickets to watch Olivia Newton John tonite at MBS 8pm, interested?  Let me know now. Of course I wanted, even if … Continue reading

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The Jungle Book – Movie Review

A movie in a weekday afternoon is not something I had expected to do since starting full time work. In fact, it’s not something I would want to do in the weekend as well as I need to catch up … Continue reading

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