Yoga with Denjz

So today marks the last lesson for my Saturday yoga class as my yoga teacher Denjz leaves for Montreal to train with Cirque du Soleil for the next three weeks.  What must she be thinking – you must be wondering, joining a class taught by acrobats? At her age?

Of course I didn’t know he was the acrobatic type when I signed on the  advance yoga class. I admit I am impressed to meet any man who can do a split, because an open hip is not exactly a musculine trait. 

I like the challenge he puts me through every week though. I realize now that  individual muscle group could actually work independently, except that mine has morphed into a huge gigantic mass that can’t be seperated. So don’t even mention about splits or flexibility when I can’t even get my shoulders to move down. I mean, isn’t down the default position? 

Next are my ribs, other than expanding them when I take in a deep breath, I don’t consciously move them. So I could not fathom when he told me to bring them down, or to rotate them without moving any other parts of my body. You see what I mean when my muscles are now a big lump?

What I think I did well is the tail movement . His favourite phrase is tail in, and it’s so ingrained in my head that I stand in the MRT tugging in my tail,  or climb up the escalator with my tail tugged in, hoping that this action will scoop my thigh onto the upper stairs. While showering, I am exercising my tail throughout i almost regret the lack of a long tail that had once been attached to my ancestors before.

So no, there aren’t exactly any acrobatic movements that were taught unless you mean the headstand, which miraculously, I am natural at it. It must be the good training I had at 18 when my best friend, Uma, first taught me how to do  and that somehow stuck.

And that’s what Denjz advocates: to do the pose systematically such that it stuck and becomes natural. Don’t rush into a pose just for the sake of the pose but really feel the muscles you are using, one group at a time.

And he is merciless, for our head stand is done without a wall back. However, I have overcome my insecurity which I am very proud to display to my friends recently.  

 And so after ten months training under him, I start noticing the definition of my shoulders. More defined are my arms too. Hopefully the six pack is next.

I still can’t do the split, for the flexibility on my lower limbs have been curtailed by my years of running without warm ups or cool downs. My hip remains closed despite giving birth to three kids, or is it because of this that my hips are closed? 

I must give myself a pat for persevering through yoga classes even when I returned to full time job in February, for the many times I had considered giving up just to sleep a little more, read a little more, or just do nothing a little more- things I missed – occurred way too often.

So now I can do all these for the next three weeks. Just hoping my will to return will be strong when yoga resumes.


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