Canto Jumbo @ Old Airport Road

We are not familiar with the East and it’s challenging looking for a reasonable price restaurant for a family dinner with the in-laws, who can’t travel far.
We discovered this restaurant while driving past one day and decided to try. It was reasonable and we returned for a visit yesterday.
I decided to order from the board of recommendation. First was the special herbal chicken soup, as containers of herbs were displayed proudly around the restaurant to entice us. The soup, served in a black claypot, was delicious. The black chicken had tender flesh and the broth earthy.($25)

What was not so good was the Hong Kong Steamed baby squids. It was undercooked and chewy. ($20)

Another poor choice was the sambal French beans (four season beans). I would have preferred the thin variety as the thick ones that was used lacked the crunch.

The deep fried belly pork with garlic was not oily but dry and lacked the garlicky taste of the many cloves that was used. ($15)

The three mushrooms tofu, using three types of organic mushrooms on a huge piece of tufu ($16) was delicious. I would have preferred more mushrooms seeing that mushrooms photos were plastered all over the bill board.

We like the oyster omelet for the generous amount of oysters ($20) and this is always the comfort food for my family.
All in all, $123.60 including seven plates of rice for eight people is rather reasonable although my sons find no reason for another return visits.


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