Pulsating Phuket – Day 3


Sunday in Phuket meant a trip to the morning market is mandatory for us. How different would Thai market be from our own wet market back at home?

There are many similarities. Both are wet, hot and noisy. Yet, we found the offers exotic and exciting.
First sight was a men shaving lemongrass into rings. The smell was fresh and I imagined the cuttings in tea infusions and Tom yam soup.


The market also had a wide array of cooked food for our breakfast choice. Big pots of steaming porridges, Thai desserts, rice dishes and snacks.


We chose a noodle stall which offered seatings.



The market is located near the famous Robinson Mall landmark. After walking around, we decided to try the many massage spas there, deciding on a mid-range Anda Spa for 1.5 hours at 400 Baht. My masseurs was disappointing but my companions enjoyed theirs – a vast difference in standard.
The rest of the day was spent shopping, first at Central Festival Mall, then to Porntip Cashew Nut where my host got us 30% discount reserved for locals, followed by Naka Night Market for cheap bargains.
Naka Night Market is similar to Chatuchak Sunday Market in Bangkok, except that it  starts operation at 4pm and opens into the night. Parking is a problem so if you drive, it’s better to be there before 5pm, like we did.
The individual small shops in the spread out building sold clothes, souvenirs, pets, and other knickknacks. We were drenched from the heat and humidity but happy with the bargains.


We ended the evening buying food back to eat in the cool air-conditioned comfort of our villa – grilled snapper for 200Baht and pig offal for 150 Baht.


What a great way to spend Sunday in Phuket.


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