Pulsating Phuket – Day One

We were given free accommodation in Phuket by our time share company welcomed the opportunity to get away. Mike had spent the last month cleaning up after the contractor during our house renovation. I had started work barely two months.
We invited my friends LK and C from Malaysia to join us for the weekend. We also hooked up with our Thai friend Bar, who was ecstatic at our impending visit.
I love Air Asia. It makes  travelling around so much more affordable. Car rental was easy at the airport on arrival. Just $40 a day including insurance for a two year old Toyota Vios.
Our villa at Royal Resort at Boat Lagoon did not disappoint. It came with a kitchenette, a beautiful master bedroom and a huge second bedroom on the second level which can sleep 4 very comfortably.




Boat Lagoon is a self contained village next to a marina, with supermarket, many restaurants with reasonable prices and a few massage spas. (Not tried any as this is only my third day here).
After checking in, we went for dinner at the Raya Restaurant, highly recommended by my boss for its crab curry.


I love that the restaurant is situated in an old house, reminiscent of my own colonial childhood house in Singapore, with its pre war floor tiles and antics lying around.
The food did not disappoint. The crab curry was served  with soft bee hoon. The spicy curry and crab meat was a good combination.


Another dish I like was local vegetable in coconut water and tinged with milk. The large leafy dish, packed with iron might be too green for some but I love it.


We tried it again at another restaurant where the leaves used were younger and softer.
The fried fish in tumeric was another good recommendation. The fish was fresh.


Prawns in tamarind was large and juicy.
What was not so good was the deep fried chicken with lemon grass. The chicken was dried and the shredded lemon grass did not provide the oomph needed to jazz up the dish.
Free slices of mangoes were served complimentary and the bill was a 3800+ bahts (S$160)for eight dishes for seven of us.
We ended the evening at Phuket Old Town, very much like our Chinatown where Chinese congregated in pre – war terrace houses that served as shop below and living quarters above, except some were converted to guest houses and cafe for tourists now. Our host commented that when she visited Penang recently, the houses there reminded her of here.



Our last stop that night was Phuket viewing point, where the glittering lights of Phuket can be seen from a high point, ending our first night in Phuket at a high as well.



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2 Responses to Pulsating Phuket – Day One

  1. asthaguptaa says:

    Lovely photographs and the food looks yum!

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