A Slice of Life by Eugene Loh


I was at the inaugural book launch of Volume 1 and before I knew it. he has launched Volume 5 and I was invited to his breakfast launch.

What I like about this volume and others are the bite size advice (one to two pages long) that he dishes out. Now that I have started work, I use this book to cope with the stress I face at work, reminding me to be mindful of the moment. That’s why I sympathize with people who don’t read, for they miss out on a valuable chance to discover the self-counselling that they might need.

The book is divided into four sections – Self-development, Joy, Relationship and Peace. Due to the current phase I am in now, I resonate the most with chapters in Joy. In the chapter on Heightened Awareness of Mortality, he reminds us that we are all walking towards our mortality, and asks some pertinent questions to close the chapter.

In another chapter Finding More Fulfillment at Work, I take comfort in his reminder to self check. I am still looking forward to going to work each day as the novelty of starting a new job after 16 years is still fresh.

In an local context, the chapter questions The Fear of Losing (or the Need to win), literally the Singaporean’s most famous phrase of Kiasu.

Interestingly, I attended a Mental Health First Aid course recently and was taught actively  listening. He covered this in The Importance of Listening.

Eugene Loh is a presenter in local news radio 9338Live and this is a compilation of his radio program of the same title. For a man so young, he certainly is wiser than many of us. It would have been much better to listen to his program for he has a nice comforting voice but which I often missed, or podcast which is not available.

So this book is a good alternative. I had bought other Volumes so will savour it in time to come.



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