Remember – Korean Drama

Now that I work full time, I have neither the time for my twin love- blogging and watching Korean drama. So now I multitask, blog the review while watching.

This is a fascinating law drama revolving around a man, Jin Woo, with photographic memory whose father, who had Alzheimer’s disease and was framed for murder by an heir of a conglomerate.
The whole judicial system involved in his case, from the detective, to the defender and prosecutor, had been bribed. He was thus sentenced to death and Jin Woo vowed to become an attorney to defend him.
It’s four years later and Jin Woo is back. He asks for a retrial and is framed for the murder of a key witness. Luckily the prosecutor Lee In Ah who was an ex neighbor catches the murderer so that the retrial can continue.
At the retrial, he finds himself losing his photographic memory and faints.
The drama portrays the Korean society as without a moral soul, which is quite unbelievable – probably I am naive.
The doctor who had diagnosed Jin Woo’s father as having Alzheimer’s disease later retracted his statement. Yet when he was jailed, his disease was so apparent it was not brought to the attention of the judicial that the doctor might have been bribed, or that second opinion is called for.
Also, visitors to the father in jail is separated by a glass window yet when the real murderer, rich heir Nam Kyu Man visits, he is seated across at a table where he could intimidate the prisoner.
Speaking of Nam Kyu Man, he is so wicked you almost want to slap the smirk of his handsome face. He totally overshadows the lead actor with his vicious smiles.
I am enjoying the drama. Half way through.


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