Witch’s Romance

Cable TV channel M explores cougar romance by pairing 39 year old tabloid editor Ban Ji Yeon with 25 year old intern Yoon Dong Ha. Would a 14- year gap be feasible between a successful editor nominated annually for global prize and a medical school drop out unsure of his future, especially in a paternalistic society?
Maturity aside, are they walking towards the same path? She wants to be married and starts a family before it’s too late, having been jilted at the altar and now weary. He lost his first love to an accident and carries a grudge against his surgeon father for failing to save his girlfriend.
Luckily, despite all these baggage, the drama thankfully remains light hearted, with many comedic moments between the two leads.
Uhm Jung Hwa plays the lead role with no apologies for her age. Although embarrassed at dating a much younger man, (he is mistaken for her younger brother on a date) she gives up an overseas’ assignment to nurture her new found romance. Park Seo Joo is a well matched costar who plays the cheeky yet matured young man who finds himself attracted to her.
Thankfully there is no mother in law’s from hell to oppose the romance like so many Korean dramas. Instead, we get the return of the ex fiance, a famous photojournalist who had been injured on assignment and now returns to claim his love.
Who would she choose?
It’s a dilemma that I would enjoy being in her shoe. And so I finished the full 16 episodes.


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