The time we are not in love – Korean Drama

I had looked forward to this drama, a remake from a Taiwanese drama ‘In Time with You”, which I had enjoyed very much. My friend finished watching this earlier and warned me that it’s a disappointment. She ended up repeating the Taiwan drama again.

Can two platonic friends who grew up together fall in love? Many Chinese romances often portray this as 青梅竹馬so it’s not impossible. I can’t remember the exact story line of the Taiwanese drama but this Korean version seems different from that.

Jang Ha Na and Choi Won grew up as neighbours and attended the same high school. Choi Won has been carrying a torch for Ha Na but had denied it when teased. So when a classmate requested that he pass Ha Na love-letters, he didn’t do so. When the classmate passed away in an accident, Won was filled with guilt and couldn’t confess his love to Ha Na.

Fast forward to present time and they are now 34 years old.  Both have been dating other people unsuccessfully and they remain soul mates who share all their secrets. But Won is now threatened by the return of Ha Na’s ex-fiance who jilted her at their engagement party. Won must now decide if he is prepared to leave behind his guilt and fight for her.

As one can imagine, the plot is rather thin and we are often shown flashbacks to when they were in school and the pranks they were up to. Luckily, both the leads share a chemistry to take the drama to its full 16 episodes but there is not enough tension for us viewers to be rooting for either of them. It’s as if we knew, that the men going after Ha Na, who appears younger and more immature than her, will never win her heart.




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4 Responses to The time we are not in love – Korean Drama

  1. asthaguptaa says:

    Seems inteersting and dramatic..
    Have been thinking of a project that creates spaces for writers and artists who want to exchange spaces / host other artists.. Would love to hear your thoughts on it… 🙂

    • vickychong says:

      Thanks for visiting. Give me some time to check out your side and revert.

    • vickychong says:

      Hi Astha, I think your idea of an artist hosting another foreign artist is a good one. It’s like a writer’s residency for unpublished authors. My dream is to join a writer’s residency in a foreign land but unfortunately….
      I regret I cannot come on board as yet as I had just started a full time job, and writing is now secondary.
      Unlike you, I write best in front of a PC, and never when I am traveling, probably because I often pack too much into my itinerary. I must try your style.
      I wish you best of luck in your project.

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