Retina Tear

I had a health scare two days ago.

Since I started work two weeks ago, my eyes had been feeling fatigue staring at the PC the whole days. What was worrying was the lightning flash which occurred on my left eyes when I blinked.

Initially I thought I had imagined it but it happened a few times. I thought perhaps  it might be the onset of a migraine until I read in the papers on Tuesday that the flash could be a sign of retina detachment. It jolted me to call Singapore National Eye Centre SNEC for an appointment and I was lucky to get one for the next morning.

My Doctor, Chan Jin Ho (it’s easy to remember his name now that my optometrist friend told me to think of him as jin ho – Hokkien for very good), diagnosed the symptom as retina tear.
“Think of the retina as a wall paper adhering to the back of your eye. There is a tear and the tear might expand and you might end up with detachment, where the edge of the retina comes out. I can schedule a laser immediately to fix it. Some people says they don’t feel a thing and others say a little uncomfortable.”
It was both an understatement. The flash of light as the laser hits the retina was literally like a pounding headache. My tears streamed non stop and we had to stop a few times to dab.
The machine is similar to the machine where you take eye measurements. A pupil-size cup lens in inserted into the eye to prevent the eyelids from closing as the laser hits. The laser helps strengthen the area around the tear as well as any lattices which indicate week areas.

As the pupil has been dilated for the examination and treatment, your vision could be blur. My eye also felt bruised and the ache inside lasted the afternoon. I was told to take pain killers but I slept it off instead.

The doctor told me he was very happy I went that day. The flash, as well as my complain of black specks, could also be due to degeneration of the jelly inside the eye which is not threatening but has no cure.

So all’s well after this scare. My review is in two weeks so am keeping my fingers crossed.


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