Leisurely Langkawi – A taste of it

On the day of our arrival, we were starving and chanced upon a restaurant called the Rock Cafe offering Turkish food, just across our hotel, Perdana Beach, located along Jalan Kuala Melaka. We were astonished by the prices but since it was already way after lunch, and we hadn’t had any orientation of the island, we decided to splurge on a welcome lunch.

Luckily the nice Bangladeshi waiter assured us that the portion is large enough to share and so we did. It was delicious. The only gripe was that they did not serve Turkish coffee.

South of the airport is Pental Cenang and Pental Tengah, a beach front stretch of shops and eateries catering to tourists. Driving there in the evening is a slow crawl and parking is a hassle.

We went to one Chinese seafood restaurant at the southern tip of the stretch where it was less congested. It was near empty and the food was forgettable. But they had wifi!  Another restaurant in the same area was recommended by the fishing company who assured us that they would cook the fish we caught for us. Mayhein Restaurant did a nice job with the sixteen small fishes we cooked, charging us RM25 for each type of cooking. We chose steam and deep fried.


Mayhein Restaurant

My sister-in-law arrived the next day with an itinerary of restaurants and food she wanted to go to. And so we went for a food hunt every breakfast and dinner.

For Breakfast, Tomato restaurant at touted to serve the best Roti Canai (we call it Roti Prata in Singapore). It was crowded and we parked our car in front of someone’s house at the back. There was a huge choice, with chocolate, cheese and other exotic stuff added into the pancake. I stuck to my bawang kosong (just onions) which was not the crispy kind, which I prefer. It was certainly a welcome change from the nasi kandar (economic rice) which we had been eating in the kampong restaurants near our hotel.

Kampong restaurant which only serves nasi kandar.

Kampong restaurant which only serves nasi kandar.

But that was certainly not the best Roti Canai in Langkawi. The best was near our hotel, operated from a house. There isn’t even a name.

It was cheap and good, as confirmed by a Singaporean we met there who visited there regularly.

Another restaurant we chanced upon was the Scarborough Fish and Chip Restaurant. The restaurant is located near a pristine beach with powdery sand. They served all kinds of fish and beer. Eating by the beach in this al fesco restaurant is fun if you don’t mind the heat. Like in Europe, the beer is cheaper here than coffee or ice tea/lime juice (RM5, RM10 and RM8 respectively.) They served all kinds of fish and the cheapest is Dory at RM22 with the most expensive Barramundi at RM40.

DSC_4750 (Copy)

Scarborough Fish’N Chip Restaurant

For the best Chinese food, you must head to the business district where the Chinese are. The #1 seafood restaurant was closed for renovation and we settled for one which was recommended by a local. We waited at least forty minutes in the full capacity restaurant. I felt it wasn’t worth the wait so I won’t recommend it here. There are many in Kuah so just try your luck.

Kuah is also where we tried the famous Bakuteh (pork rib soup) restaurant, Shark Fing. The herbal soup had a strong taste of danggui, a huge bag was evident in the beverage fridge. What I didn’t like is that they were not generous with the addition of soup. Everytime we requested, they added only a cup. In Singapore, you will find the waiter topping soup without request.

11223997_10153686623117778_6174990348812138447_n 12316597_10153686621687778_7902532935374738014_n

For up market food, proceed to Telaga Harbour Park, where yachts are parked by the quay. Privilege Restaurant serves local Malaysian cuisines like French food – bite size, with the price to match.


Satay with additional rice

11012853_10153684679752778_1789854011741540088_n 12310574_10153684679787778_3696954420013577147_n 12316069_10153684679662778_3283026982859016299_n 12321292_10153684679872778_1962922458968308204_n12339426_10153684679987778_4561382861669936887_o

An dish costs average RM70 if I remember correctly. I knew the portion wasn’t enough for my boys and told the nice owner, Peter.

At the same location is The Loaf where we had lunch as I wanted a clean toilet and air-con comfort after our morning at the waterfalls.


Coconut curry RM20. More like a soup.


Banana Al-Forno RM12


Lava Cake RM18


Carbonara RM32


Prawn Mee RM19


Lamb Chop RM35

This is a nice place for a leisurely lunch or tea. Comfortable and quite, with sofas and magazines. Great place for dessert.

I must say we covered the whole island for food. Do you agree?



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  1. Irene Chan says:

    We enjoyed eating at Scarborough too during our recent trip to Langkawi. Had I stumbled upon your blog earlier, perhaps we could have tried the other places u listed. Oh well, there’s always another time. If u r interested, I have also blogged about the food in Langkawi. http://irenechanal.blogspot.my

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