Leisurely Langkawi – Family Time

Langkawi is known for its pristine beaches – powdery white sand (although there is a black sand beach as well) and clear blue water. We could have just spent our time frolicking at the beach for the whole week if we wanted to. But being Singaporeans, we wanted to see places and explore. I know the big and small kids with us wouldn’t mind. They had a carefree time jumping waves and picking seashells while the adults stayed in the shade.

DSC_4764 (Copy)

The word for vacation in Chinese is 遊山玩水 – touring mountains and playing water. The new playground in Langkawi offers just that. The Panoramic Langkawi Sky Cab has a cable car system to take us up to the mountain. The weather up there was cool and windy. We got a view of the city and clouds covered peaks. Those brave enough can walk along the sky bridge, some parts of which have transparent panels to test your fear of height. I was only afraid my little niece would be blown off by the strong wind and held on tightly to her.


DSC_5412 (Copy)

Panorama Langkawi Sky Cab – Sky Bridge

We were not sure if we should visit the Bird Paradise Wildlife Park. After all, Singapore boasts of a world class zoo and bird park. I am glad we went, for the park is interactive. We were allowed to feed the animals, handles the babies and walked among the birds without barrier. The kids, even this big one, enjoyed the close proximity with the animals.

DSC_5235 (Copy)

Feeding kangkong to a mouse deer

One evening as his family napped, I took my six year-old nephew on a walk to a fishing village nearby. There, he witnessed children playing by the sea, their houses just a stone throw away. Parked at the beach are boats used by the fisherman. The walk gave him a new perspective to how other children live. Instead of the playgrounds he knows of, he watched as the local children played near with their own small boats, catching fish, and digging for crabs. When the time come, an older boy shouted for them, and they all ran in, presumable for dinner. Just like how it is in Singapore.

DSC_5085 (Copy)

The family, big and small, all had fun.


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