Oh My Venus – Korean Drama

That is a glut of Korean Romantic Dramas on TV recently and I am in TV heaven. Many are really enjoyable – Witch’s Romance, Dating Not Marriage, The Time I’ve Loved You and this, Oh My Venus,  which just ended its run in Singapore.

Oh My Venus stars Soh Ji Sub (Master’s Sun) and Shin Min Ah (My Girlfriend is a nine-tail fox), two of the best leads you can get for Romantic Comedy. He is the straight face, long chin hunk with eyes which remind me of  Basset Hound’s, a typically Korean look which grows on you as the drama progresses. She is the sultry dimpled actress which exudes sexiness and cuteness. Pair them up and you get instant chemistry.

The light-hearted romance is good fun all the way. They meet on the flight, when he rescues her by releasing her corset after she faints. She is an overweight lawyer who is jilted by her high school boyfriend of 15 years, and he is the personal trainer who will restore the beauty and health in her. {I swear, if I have a personal trainer like Kim Young Ho, I would be motivated to exercise too. How sexy is it be hold a plank position while staring into his eyes? )

The drama really finishes in 14 episodes while the last two are frills for you to enjoy the leads because truly, we don’t want to leave them and their antics. They are compatible (she’s a lawyer, he’s an heir), so there’s none of the family issues. Ok, there are stories of other people in their lives to add to the drama, but thank goodness, these do not overshadow the romance.

Koreans really do make the best romantic moments on screen. In the proposal scene, he hides a ring in a scarf which he knitted for her while rehabilitating for an injury for a year, which he has given to her earlier. When she hints for a ring, he releases the knot in the scarf to reveal the ring. This, in my opinion, makes any outlandish public proposals I have seen seem so fake. The imagination of the script writers has my respect.



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