Fabulous Neighbour – Korean Drama

It must be my age. I don’t usually watch Korean Drama which is more than 20 episodes, yet I find myself glued to this drama, shown over SBS at 10.10pm faithfully (after my bedtime).

The drama is a typical ajumma drama – pitting two married women against each other, one saintly, the other evil – similar to the many already shown for the past ten years. Yet, I found it captivating, even though the main leads are not that attractive looking. Perhaps that’s the draw, the realism of the actors’ look.

The title is misleading, for it could refer to either of the leads who happen to live opposite each other. Kong Su Rae was thrust into motherhood unexpectedly at twenty by pretending to make Yoona, the illegitimate daughter of a neighbour Suh Bong Hee hers, because she also wanted to marry her brother Bong Guk. Bong Guk, not knowing the truth and trying to make a name for himself in musicals, resents Su Rae for tying him down. Thus for twelve years, Su Rae works all sorts of blue-collar jobs to support her family consisting of her father, mother-in-law, Bong Guk and Yoona, although she has a flair and talent in designing. Her mother who ran away with her younger brother return one day and added to her burden.

Meanwhile, Bong Guk meets married producer/actress Yi Kyung who offers him a role in her musical. They start an affair and once on an outing with her young daughter Sebon, they meet with an accident and Sebon is killed. Yi Kyung’s husband, Park Chan Woo, learns the truth about the affair and vows to revenge Bong Guk. He moves opposite Su Rae, hoping to exact the same revenge on Bong Guk, but Su Rae’s kindness to him makes him fall in love with her. She falls for him too when she learns of her husband’s affair with Yi Kyung.

So by helping each other through their ups and down, Su Rae and Chan Woo are really the fabulous neighbour to each other.

Awoken from a coma after the accident, Yi Kyung is furious with Su Rae for stealing her husband and plots all ways to get Chan Woo back. Poor Su Rae, already surrounded by family members who only cause trouble to her, now has more problems when she is accused of stealing anther’s husband. Chan Woo and Su Rae’s love is resilient to external threats and just when things are looking good, she is diagnosed with liver cancer and no one in her family or Chan Woo can donate their liver to her.

Will she find her happy ending?

Go watch.







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