Good Dinosaur – movie review

I took my 6 year old nephew on a movie date today because I wanted to watch a movie which I can cry to. The review I read said to take along a hankie.

Pixal cartoons are so real. The scenes of flowing rivers, meadows and pine forest made me expect a real dinosaur to appear, as in Jurassic Park but no, it was a cute lime green brontosaurus who stole the whole show.

Like Nemo, this is a story of a cowardly dino who got lost and his adventures while finding his way home. He met Spot, a human toddler and together, they fought off carnivorous birds and helped a family of T rex. Huh? And I was so sure the T rex were going to eat them.
The hankie scene came when Allo decided to leave Spot with his human community. It was a heart breaking scene the boys a few seats away were mopping their tears with their sleeves. Not Sebby, my nephew though. He was stoic throughout even as his aunt wipe  tear drop away.
As a bonus, there was a short clip before the actual movie from Sanjay, on My Father and Me, which I enjoyed for the ethnic diversity coming out of Hollywood. Sanjay the little Hindu boy and his fantasy fight against evil with the help of Hindu gods. It was fun.
More importantly, I hope the time spent bonding will become an experience Sebby with cherish as he grows.


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