Chicken Up

Christmas. We joined the futile queue to Gardens By The Bay and gave up to go for an early dinner. Someone suggested Za Jiang Mian but I had a craving for Korean fried chicken, the result of spending Christmas catching up on Korean Dramas.

I googled for the nearest and Chicken Up, with 4 stars popped up. Unlike the fried chicken in the dramas, which are mostly served fast food style, here in Singapore, most are served restaurant style with other Korean dishes.

I was appalled at the prices. No side dishes, yet $20 for 4 pieces of fried chicken or wings? To be fair, they were huge. But still, to pay $5 a piece seems steeped. Luckily, water is free.

I decided to order from the top ten (see above photo), pointing to 1,2,3,7,8, and hoping it would be enough for my family of 5 big eaters.

The wings had a sweet soya taste, which I liked, but only had to make do with a drumlet.

I love japchae, and this comforting food was gone in minutes.


The seafood toppokki was so spicy it was impossible to eat with the sauce. I suspect it was from this dish that three of my diners suffered from upset stomach.

The bulgogi fries was a life saver and we tried to cool our palate by munching on the fries, topped with generous cheese but hardly anny bulgogi beef.

This was another super spicy dish but at least you can peel off the skin to eat the inside.

At the end of the meal, we had a small consolation. Because we finished settled our bill before 7.30pm, there was a 20% discount, which came up to less than $80.

The restaurant was full by the time we left. With hip music blasting and dim lighting, rough concrete interior, it looks like a place where young people like, except that my sons doubt they would go back again.


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