Divorce Lawyer In Love

This 18-episode romcom had a cute beginning and a uneventful ending. This is what happens when the main story line – the romance between two antagonizing divorce lawyers – is caught in the midst of other stories to carry the episodes to its ending. Every episode has  divorce case for the two lawyers to work together.

Go Cheok Hee had owned a divorce law firm who was responsible for actress Han Mi Ri’s divorce, whose video of her husband’s illicit affair was obtained illegally. Han’s husband Ma Dong Gu committed suicide and Go’s license was suspended.

Three years later, Go is employed as the office manager of a law firm by her senior and finds herself working under her junior, So Jung Woo, whom she had once bullied, forcing him to buy stockings and other humiliating tasks. Yet, somehow he managed to fall in love with her, not knowing that she had once saved his life in 2008 subway accident, the angel he had been trying to locate all this while, through his childhood friend Jo Soo Ah. Soo Ah finds that his saviour is her rival in love.

The two leads are rather cute but she can be rather annoying at times. Still, I rather enjoy it.

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