New Manlee Bak Kut Teh

New Manleee BKT takes over Ajisan Ramen at the basement of Clementi Mall. Operated by the same parent company, Bachmann Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd, there is no change to the decors or e-ordering method.

We just returned from Langkawi and  missed the Malaysian herbal Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup) that they served across the causeway, as compared to the peppery one favoured by Singapore BKT. Thus, we were delighted by this restaurant, despite the high price. Perhaps it’s the novelty, for the restaurant was full during lunch today (Monday).

We decided to try the set lunch (shown above) @ $13.90 including of tea, which comes in herbal, pepper or dried(?).

My herbal soup came with a few sliced lean meat, some belly pork, one soft bone rib, dried bean curd skin, a thin slice of pork stomach and a piece of romaine lettuce. Soup and drinks are refillable but this clay pot of soup was more than enough for me. Condiments of cut red chili, chili padi, minced garlic, and thick soy sauce are at the table for your convenience, much like the BKT restaurant in Langkawi. We added a small bowl of fritters ($2) to share.

We were surprised at the twenty minutes they took to serve our food. Nevertheless, we were not disappointed by the quality or the quantity, although I would have preferred more pork ribs than sliced meat. The soup has the right balance of herbal flavour and the clay pot kept the soup hot throughout in the air-conditioned room. Dipping the meat into my chili garlic black sauce and then eating it with white rice was yummy. The auntie at the next table remarked that she wished they served yam rice instead of white rice. That’s right, the restaurant at Langkawi also served BKT with yam rice.

My son had the pepper soup and he liked that too, although after tasting our herbal version, he prefers the herbal ones now.

Ala card orders are also available. (A bowl of rice is $1.20.)





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