Introduction to Psychology by University of Toronto


I had two ongoing MOOC course lasting 8 weeks from October and it was heavy going, with much reading materials, tests and peer assessments. But it was easy for me to persevere for this course as Prof Joordens made the topics interesting and relevant. He touched briefly on every aspect of psychology, albeit but thankfully brief, starting with the history of psychology, parts and functions of brain, stats (how it is used), behavioral, mental illnesses and for the last week, on-request topics on Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, Parenting and Love, just to name a few.

The good thing is, we know enough to carry small talk on the subject, but not so much as to overwhelm a new student. However, there are references and links should there be more interest. Another advantage is that many psychology studies are now on Youtube, making learning so much more easy and enjoyable.

The tests, comprising of one mid-term and one final, are easy multiple-choice questions and one is given two chances to improve the score. One peer assessment after mid-term reinforces the lessons by applying world affairs to psychology.

Prof Steve is jovial and makes the lessons fun, one of the best few I have come across (for the matter, there are more good lecturers than poor lecturers in most of the MOOC I attended). Course mates keep in touch via a forum page and Facebook, with many happily sharing their notes and summary. I love this global school so much that many were reluctant to leave the course after it ended.

Now that I know more about psychology, do forgive me if I psychoanalyse  you when we meet, for it could be worse – I might think you have mental illness. 🙂





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