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Good Dinosaur – movie review

I took my 6 year old nephew on a movie date today because I wanted to watch a movie which I can cry to. The review I read said to take along a hankie. Pixal cartoons are so real. The … Continue reading

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Chicken Up

Christmas. We joined the futile queue to Gardens By The Bay and gave up to go for an early dinner. Someone suggested Za Jiang Mian but I had a craving for Korean fried chicken, the result of spending Christmas catching … Continue reading

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Divorce Lawyer In Love

This 18-episode romcom had a cute beginning and a uneventful ending. This is what happens when the main story line – the romance between two antagonizing divorce lawyers – is caught in the midst of other stories to carry the … Continue reading

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Paper Quilling Art Project Step by Step.

Step 1: Choose colourful papers that are not too thick, either from catalogues or newspapers. Step 2: roughly cut into long strips thick strips. I cut this magazine into thirds. Step 3: roll the paper from the corner of the … Continue reading

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New Manlee Bak Kut Teh

New Manleee BKT takes over Ajisan Ramen at the basement of Clementi Mall. Operated by the same parent company, Bachmann Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd, there is no change to the decors or e-ordering method. We just returned from Langkawi and … Continue reading

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How to Win the Nobel Prize in Literature by David Carter

Before you even wonder if I am so ambitious as to be eyeing this prize when I can’t even win a local writing contest, don’t, for I am purely reading this for fun, although it is not really that fun … Continue reading

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Introduction to Psychology by University of Toronto

I had two ongoing MOOC course lasting 8 weeks from October and it was heavy going, with much reading materials, tests and peer assessments. But it was easy for me to persevere for this course as Prof Joordens made the topics interesting … Continue reading

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