Char Restaurant

By the time you read this, the restaurant would probably have moved to Jalan Bersah. We ate at the restaurant on 8 November when it was still at Guillemard Road, where parking was easily available just opposite.

Char is famous for their char siew (BBQ pork) but their other roast dishes are delicious too. The roast pork and roast duck are done in Hong Kong Style and served with mustard.

Triple Roast $25

I found the char siew too sweet, although it was tender. My mother-in-law loved gnawing on the roast duck and my kids enjoyed the sinful roasted belly pork with the crispy crust. The potion is small for the price and we had 2 portions for eight of us.

Lor Han Zai $14

The Lor Han Zai, or Buddha’s Delight, a vegetarian dish was stewed in fermented bean paste. I felt our version at home was superior.

Butter Chicken $14

The butter chicken was nothing like the butter chicken in North Indian restaurant. I can’t really taste the butter.

Salted Egg Yoke Pork – $12

The portions are rather small and with three boys, or rather, young men, to feed, we ordered more meat than normal. This salted egg yoke pork was on promotion. Anything coated with salted egg is ubiquitous in zi char restaurants nowadays and I think it’s a clever invention. Just yesterday, we had salted egg yoke bitter gourd and it was good.

We ordered two other vegetable dishes – four season beans ($10)and minced pork aubergine (fancy word for brinjal) ($14) which brought the total bill to $151.83 including service charge and GST.

Water is served free but note that a small bowl of white rice costs $1.50.

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