Getting tricked is fun – Trick Eye Museum RWS

DSC_3553 (Copy)

Trick Eye Museum, the 3D art museum from Korea that opened in Singapore in June 2014 has revamped their exhibits into six new themes zones under Mystery, Supernatural, Fantasy, Excitement, Fairy tale and Trick World.

I was among the lucky few to be invited to their media event, where I got to experience these exhibits first hand.

If you’ve not been to a 3D art museum, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. It’s unlike any other museums where you are not permitted to take photos, use selfie sticks or touch the exhibits. Here, you are encouraged to do the opposite – touch or even climb onto the exhibit, take as many photos as you can, and let your imagination and inner artist run wild.

Entering the museum is entering into a world of enchantment. The first exhibit is a baroque circus where you are the performer for the feats that you have always wanted to try, except that here, it is safe, because the point is to trick the eye and not the performance per se. Speaking of which, a camera is required for this museum. This statement may be redundant considering that almost  everyone carries a camera phone nowadays. Also, you should preferable visit the museum in small group so that you can take each other’s photos. A company of three or four would be perfect.

I like many of the exhibits, for in it, I get to indulged in my fantasy persona – either as a ballerina, a mermaid, or just standing on air.

DSC_3675 (Copy)DSC_3707 (Copy)

Or I could be Indiana Jones jumping out of an aeroplane, or even fighting a giant anaconda.

DSC_3648 (Copy)DSC_3641 (Copy)

Don’t worry if you, like me, lack creativity or imagination, for there are helpful instructions around to teach you how to bring out the actress in you, and the best position to angle your shot.

Last instruction before you rush off to Trick Eye Museum: wear something comfortable to climb in. I was in a tight skirt, which meant there were some exhibits I had to skip for modesty sake.

And yes, a thick skin would also help.

(Ticket prices are S$25 per adult and S$20 for Kids under 12 and over 60.

Opening hours : 10am-9pm.)


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