Virtual Bride – Korean Drama

I really enjoyed this light hearted Korean drama which is only 12 episode long, amazingly short for a KBS drama. There is no feet dragging and unnecessarily drama to drag the series, which I appreciated.

Oh In Young is the leader of a girl group who is used to getting her own way – obstinate and a bully. She decides to join a reality TV show to try to improve her flagging career. The show requires her to pretend to be the eldest daughter-in-law of a traditional Korean household famed for their belief, culture and food.

The matriarch is the typical mother-in-law (MIL) who works her younger daughter-in-law to death despite knowing that she wants to teach, yet grumbles that her daughter, an officer in the district office is ill-treated by her boss cum mother-in-law.

In Young comes into the family, bringing a breath of freshness to the males in the family, but incur the wrath of MIL and helper Ha Ji, who has a crush on eldest son Cha Myung Suk, a nerdy Math Professor.

The rest of the story is predictable. In Young and Cha Myung falls in love but MIL is adament that she is not good enough for her son, and thus In Young has to improve herself to change her mind.

On the side, we have sisters-in-law who have to battle their own MIL’s problems.

A typical, traditional Korean drama indeed.


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