New Ubin Seafood – a review

I have been hearing raving reviews about this restaurant, not to be confused with Ubin Seafood. This restaurant is located in Sin Ming Industrial Estate, where people go to service their cars rather than to eat. It’s so popular that weekends slots are difficult to reserve. Yes, you heard me. Slots. For our Thursday Hari Raya reservation, our 7pm reservation is the second slot of three, and we needed to vacate our table by 9pm for the third slot, instructed the polite SMS confirmation we received immediately after we had placed our phone reservation. The efficiency of the restaurant gave me a much higher expectation about the place than actual. After all, there was another polite SMS reminder on the day of our reservation. The restaurant was really housed in a HDB terrace workshop, with a non nondescript entrance, and no decors.

As already forewarned, this is a eat and go seafood restaurant. Not for slow eaters or groups who want to socialise over long dinner, as my neighbouring table comprising of locals and foreigners had done when we were there. They were reminded that their time was already overdue at 7.30pm. However, they made no apologies, and no attempts to move, much to the poor waitress’ resignation. Luckily, we were the obedient ones which they should put into their VIP list if they have any – we arrived early at 6pm and left before 8pm, way before our 9pm stipulated leaving time.

Since my husband had been there a few times, he knew exactly what to order.

Our first course – US Ribeye beef, ($72 for 600g) which included a ‘Heart Attack fried rice” and fries.

The beef was unexpected for a seafood restaurant – tender and juicy. The fried rice had the burnt wok-fragrance that only a good chef with a large flame can achieve. I guess its heart attack prefix, given by regular diners, is because it’s cooked in sinful lard – I am only guessing.

The HK Kai Lan Special ($18 for large) is divided into a deep-fried crunchy leafy part and a saute stem part. Both of which we loved.

The carbs are popular and we tried the Fried Hokien Prawn Noodle Special ($24). I couldn’t taste the prawn flavour in it but the lard made up for it.

The other popular carb is the fried Boss Beehoon ($8) which comes only in one size. Just as well as I thought we had too much of carbs already. I love fried beehoon so to say it’s delicious might be bias on my part.

Our main intention here is for the crabs, which the restaurant was having a promotion of buy 2 get 1 free ($76). Mike ordered them to be split equally into White pepper and Black pepper. I was aghast – two plates of pepper crabs on a hazy day? Definitely a cause for sore throat. They are very different, he assured me. You will like it.

He was right. The white-pepper had the ma-la garlicky taste which didn’t interfere with the sweetness of the medium sized crabs. For the black pepper, you get the full oomph of the hot pepper. You have to try both to differentiate.

There were some misses though while we were there.

Ang Kah Hei (wild Caught Sea Prawns) in herbal soup ($41 for 600g) was although filled with large prawns, they did not have the sweet crunch as compared to what we had at Jumbo Seafood a few weeks before, the smaller prawns were redder and tastier.

The Brinjal Delight ($18 for Large) was also disappointing, The thinly-sliced deep fried bringal cooked in sticky hot sauce were not crispy and the sauce did not complement the dish.

A rare saving we had was on drinks. The lime juice was free as long as you ‘like and checked in’ on their Facebook page, which we all did promptly.

It’s definitely a place to revisit again.


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