Not The end Of The World by Kate Atkinson


I know how some writers advocate an open ending, especially for short stories, or even in movies, where the readers/ movie goers are encouraged to make their own conclusion. I am one of those who detest such endings, whereby at the end, I go huh? I like neat conclusive, best with feel-good ending. (I know, I am very boring.)

Unfortunately, most of the short stories in this book leave me with a puzzled ending. Some stories are bizarre, but luckily are funny. They say reading is an escape, into situations and scenarios where you are most unlikely to be in real life. So true here!

The book starts with Charlene and Trudie go shopping (I went huh? at the end of the story) and ends with Charlene and Trudie at Pleasureland, effectively book-ending the rest of the stories in between, where you realized that the stories you have read were stories that the two were narrating to each other as they lay dying.

I enjoyed most of the stories, which reminded me of Korean soap operas on TV. There is the mother who returns as a ghost after a traffic accident, and no one can see her; there is this adopted cat Gordon, who grew so large and manly that sexual tension between the now tiger and owner fills the pages; a man’s doppelganger who have such good times with his friends that he is unaware of. Yes, these stories are enjoyable but the ending are strange.

You read and tell me.


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