JB Ah Meng Kitchen – A review

This tzi char restaurant is rather famous online. Situated at Lor 23 Geylang where parking is notoriously difficult, it nevertheless attracts huge weekend crowd so reservation (Tel:67412418) is recommended (Although it took me a few tries before someone picked up the phone.)

We were lucky to get a space in a small coupon parking lot a short distance away. Our reservation was at 6pm and despite this early booking, we had to wait more than 30 minutes for our first course. The excuse, it was Father’s Day and there were many take away orders.


garlic chili clams

The garlic chili clams ($22 for M) was fragrant and we wished we could throw in some spaghetti to soak up the liquid for a vongole meal.

What’s famous here is the JB San Lou Meehoon (not to be mixed up with San Lau Horfan). This simple bee hoon ($14 for large) dish has specks of dried shrimps and garlic and plenty of wok hei.


JB San Lou Meehoon

The brown bee hoon resembled the economic bee hoon I like for breakfast and provided the comfort filler for hungry stomachs.

Mike, being Teochew, loves the Bittergourd fish head ($22 for M) which I thought was rather expensive considering that one is literally eating fish bones. The portion was also rather small for the price. I would not recommend this unless you absolutely love chopped up fish head.


Bittergourd fish head

The deep fried fish skin ($15 for M) made an appearance as a  late appetizer but having seen this on sale as a snack in a packet in Phuket, I bulked at paying the price. Still, the dip made up for my unhappiness.


deep fried fish skin

My sons wanted meat but I could have skipped this Ginger onion deer meat ($30 for medium) which could be replicated easily at any other tzu char stalls.


Ginger onion deer meat

The waiter who took our order helpfully recommended the exotic Cameron Highland Dragon 青龙菜(($18) for greens, which turned out to be a chive/leek kind of vegetable. What I love was their snake beans with lotus roots (18) and Brinjal potato with chili ($18)


Brinjal potato with chili


snake beans with lotus roots

In fact, I find the vegetable dishes to be creative and delicious and wouldn’t have minded ordering all from the vegetable page.

In all, we paid $162.50 for seven pax including GST and excluding drinks. Rather expensive considering we were sitting in a back lane next to a drain.


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